“Giant Seats” now available with Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air now offers six “Giant Seats” for passengers willing to pay a little extra. The “Giant Seats” are in a semi-reclined position. They also offer an extra six inches of legroom and extra seven and a half inches in width as compared to a typical economy seat.

The State Department updated a travel warning for Ukraine. The previous warning discussed Russian efforts to occupy Crimea. The new warning says, “Russian forces

St. Maarten Hotel  Photo by Dale L Puckett

St. Maarten Hotel
Photo by Dale L Puckett

have occupied the Crimean Peninsula in support of the Russian Federation’s claim of Crimean annexation.” There was also information added about hazardous demonstrations, some of which “appear” to be Russian forces.

Travel Editor, Kerri Westenberg, for the Star Tribune wrote an article titled “From the Travel Desk: Confessions of a travel editor” in which she explains what she is most cautious about when traveling. Westeneberg talks about taking photos of rental cars to inspecting the hotel beds for bed bugs.


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